1. Choose who goes first.
  2. Take away matches of any line. In each round, you can remove any number of matches from one match to all matches per row.
  3. Each player takes a turn whoever takes the last match lost.

You can play against a mobile device or against other players.

During a game against the mobile device, choose the difficulty of the two options and choose one of three start options. The default setting is "random".

After each game you can change the settings.

When you play against the other players you are playing either a single screen of your mobile device or using the online multiplayer.

In multiplayer you choose your adversary from the list. The game starts when the opponent takes up the challenge. The player, whose display shows the countdown, goes first. Random selection key. The time limit per turn is 15 seconds. Should one player quit the game prematurely, the other player wins automatically.